Lite-On are good readers...Yes or No?

I have been looking at a lot of threads, but I cannot find a sure answer about Lite-Ons being good readers. Some people’s posts say games with new SecuROM (Warcraft 3) don’t burn well or read in Toshiba (and other) drives.

Are Lite-Ons bad burners or bad readers or both or neither? I hope to buy the most versatile reader and burner (separate drives or combo). So I am looking for suggestions, especially making backups of my 2 new games, Hitman 2 and Warcraft 3. Apparently, they seem to be hard to copy. Thanks in advance.


Subchannels :
For Securom : It’s ok (read/write)
For Securom New : It’s Ok (read/write)
For Securom above 4.8 It’s Ok although (read (*))

(*) 1:1 copy not possible (except tweak/BW tricks)

Sector Errors :
For safedisc 1 : OK (read /write)
For safedisc 2 until 2.8 : OK (read/write)
For safedisc 2.9 & more : OK (read : OK, Write : don’t know ())
) According to macrovision possibly not

For Ring Protech (lot of unreadable sectors)
Read process is slower than some over cd reader/writer
write process : should be ok but to check
–> I’m waiting for an update of Alcohol120% dumping engine to check if the reading process will be improved

Key2Audio :
For read/Write : OK

The drive seems to be okay, but you are saying that are still some problems with newer securoms. Is that the burner’s limited abilities or just software and/or firmware needs to be released to support the newer protections.

Are there any other Litey models that don’t have these problems?

I forgot to ask another thing. How are Lite ON DVD drives at reading CDs? Are they better than the burners? If not, what is the best possible reader to buy?


These are not “problems”, these are copy protections. there are no drives that will copy everything, but the newest generation LiteOn come very close.

Well, when I say problem, I mean getting around the protection to make good backups. I know that there is no super burner for the average consumer. But, I would like to hear from people who never had problems copying games that are hard to copy for many people, especially new ones like Hitman 2.

For instance, my friend has a Plexy 12x (not sure on the model no) that copied warcraft 3 just fine and played without any cracks, etc. So, I am wondering if I am better off buying something old or new. Burn time is not an issue for me. I can wait 40 minutes for a good copy rather than rush it.

Is it not clear ?

I said

Safedisc 1 and 2 up to 2.8 include :
Good for read (I mean image creation) and write (I mean burning)

A good as Possible for reading and writing

Ring Protech / laserlok (lot of unreadable sectors)
Should be ok (To confirm) for read and write
But the reading process is not as quick as TOSHIBA