Lite-On are ashamed of their products?

Well, I took a quick look at the box (been to busy playing with the burner to look at the box before :)), and on the box there is a big nice LITE-ON logo, but not on the drive itself…
Has anybody got a drive with the Lite-On logo?
Mine just has a mincy little sticker saying

They make such good drives they should take the effort of announcing it a little… :slight_smile:


Yeah mines the same.
Its because they were destined for the OEM or rebadge market.
Hey I paid SweetFA for mine ($170 AUS) so who cares?


thats probably because the logo on the drive costs alot of money to the liteon company
so the put a sticker on the drive

I would gladly pay the $0,05 it would costs to iron a little logo to the front… :slight_smile:
Guess it’s cause they make drives for many different brands…


me too