Lite-On announces LTR-52246S - a 52/24/52X drive!

I just posted the article Lite-On announces LTR-52246S - a 52/24/52X drive !.

While surfing the internet I saw that our friends from noticed that Lite-On has posted the specifications of their upcoming drive, the Lite-On LTR-52246S. This drive will offer the…

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So how many microseconds does it take to do a disc now?

Another drive or another firmware ?

2MB buffer??? wtf?

For a drive that’s going to be this fast, I can’t believe they don’t increase the buffer to at least 4MBs.

Sheeeeeeeeiiiittt !!! just got a 48x…everytime I think I’m kicking a goal they move the goalposts…still faster doesn’t mean better Ya don’t want to be standing in front of this mutha if it spits out a disk …:7

I guess their next spinning engine will come from Boing :wink:

The main reason u would upgrade to this would be the fast rewriting speeds. Have to agree 4 meg buffer would have been good. Other than that this drive looks solid and should be the drive of choice for backups :4

Man, why don’t they just release a 8MB drive…??? So I can play game while burning CDs… Gosh

I agree fully. At least a 4MB buffer would have been good, although I was somewhat unsure of a 2MB buffer on my LiteON 40x, but it works fine. I think that it has a lot to do with the drive that you are burning from. I am interrested about the whole 24x CD-RW though.

Pah! Wake me up with LiteOn DVD-burners come out! I recently acquired me 48x Liteon for $130 CAN with taxes and it’ll do me fine just til DVD burners cometh! All we’re doing now is just beating a dead horse (one that ain’t winning any derbys any time soon!). 4.7+Gb or bust I say!

32x was the last significant speedup I’ve seen. Each 8x after that only shortens the burn time by about 15 seconds!! I don’t mind waiting these extra few seconds. The UDMA 33MBps IDE means that the buffer size doesn’t really matter in today’s fast PCs; especially as Nero has its own RAM buffer. The next best big move would be to release something like Sanyo are doing, i.e. double density on a standard CD-R (unless it’s patented) or just go for 4.7GB DVD drive. Once these get standardised and popular, the price should fall and DVD+/-R Blanks should be near the price of today’s CD-Rs. :d

imo, i can’t see why you would want to upgrade to a 52x burner - to save maybe 4 to 10 seconds on burn time? the 24x rewrite is nice, but still not worth it to me. i’m interested if a firmware update will up a lot of current burners to this monster. the faster these drives get, the more dense the media needs to get. i can see it now, my burnin’ a cd at some insane speed and noticing smoke and flames shootin’ out of the drive. :wink:

I can see why someone would upgrade to this drive - I just today upgraded from a 4x to a 40x Lite-on! Wooohoooo! I’m cookin’ now! :8

Well guys, I just upgraded to a 48X TDK from a 24X TDK. Given that I guess I won’t be upgrading till the TDK/Lite-On’s hit 98X.

I’ll just stick with my 24x liteon (And my Pioneer 104)

I have 8x Plextor.I burn PS2 CD @ 2X and I’m still happy with it. Why should I buy 52X then?

Faster drives are good for 2 things and neither are speed. They are still under development so the manufacturer ensures that it works with the latest media. Your free media of the week is more likely to burn in a modern burner than an old 4x. New burners get more features. As long as they are cheap I don’t care how fast they get though it would be nicer if they would spend that development money on DVD writers. Upgrading from a 4x to any speed 24x or greater will get about the same improvement. My speed interest fell off at 24x.