Lite-ON and SAO Cooked

Let me start with this little Quote from the Blindwrite Help file:

  • SAO COOKED - This last mode is a “compatibility” mode, which isn’t RAW. So it doesn’t produce working copies of copy-protected CD’s, but still produces normal CD’s as any other CD recording application.

However, with my new 40x Lite-on I was able to re-produce a copy of GTA3 (the “Play” disk) and it works on both my PC (Lite-On 16x DVD) and my Mom’s (she has a Toshiba CD-ROM) PC. I know GTA3 uses SD2.51 and the working copy bazzles me. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Oh well, just thought I’d share some info.

I think I can understand why it is so.

SAO RAW is necessary when writing errors (SafeDisc v1…)
DAO RAW 16/96 is necessary when writing protections involving subcodes (Securom, Libcrypt…)

Safedisc 2 is not based on these two, I think… Weak sectors aren’t considered errors and do not need a RAW mode. They aren’t either subcodes and do not need a DAO mode. If ur burner is EFM compliant, actually any writing mode can do.

Warning! A game like serious sam 2 is Safedisc 2.51 + errors => SAO RAW is necessary (not less, not more)