Lite on and nforce2 ide drivers:incompatibility?


i was unable to burn correctly 'til i uninstall nforce2 ide drivers on abit nfs v2 motherboard
with generix windows xp ide drivers: no problem

is it a classic problem or only for me

No this is very common.

I have found that the latest VIA Hyperion 4 in 1 drivers work fine. Yes can get them here.

Yep as C0deKing said there is a problem with the nforce drivers, but I don’t think the Via drivers will do much for you except make things worse :wink: maybe you should try and download the latest version of the nforce2 chipset drivers, I have heard that they work fine.

ok i’ll try new drivers
but why install it if xp generic drivers work well?
more speed?

new drivers work well

Using the latest version of drivers for anything is meant to enhance performance, improve reliability, correct bugs, etc, overall things are meant to run more smoothly using the “latest” version.

As you mentioned if all is running well there really isn’t any need to update at all, but since you already have I am glad to here that all is working well.

I had the same exact issue back in January this year when I first started using my 411@811. Although I have been able to get outstanding performance from my Lite On ever since reverting back to the “generic Microsoft” IDE driver I would like to be able to again use the “enhanced” NVidia drivers for the NForce2 chipset of my MSI motherboard (k7n2-Delta).

I was glad to see that NVidia finally released a new unified NForce driver in May (the 1st since October '03) and I immediately installed the new NVidia drivers and I after one “unsuccessful” burn (in the middle of a burn using Nero, the PC locks up and has to be “powered down” to recover) I had to go back to the generic MS driver.

I read in this thread that you were able to use the new NForce driver, that’s really cool. I wonder why it still didn’t’ work for me? It must have something to do with the NForce2 chipset and the MSI k7n2 board.

I guess I’ll have to wait another 6+ months for the next NVidia driver to be released & give that one a try when it’s released. :slight_smile:

if u install the new version of nforce from nvidia you will not be abble to use the generic xp ones (unless you do some manipulations…)
When xp starts it detects the nforce and install them again…

but the latests are running with no problem

I’ve been using nForce2 IDE drivers (with the same mobo, ABIT NF7 v2.0) since last 2/3 versions. All of them worked flawlessly with my LiteOn LTR-40125S CD-RW and JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM

I have the older version of Abit NF7 with the latest nForce2 IDE drivers and my lite-on has no problems.

It may be an issue with ASPI interacting with the Nvidia drivers.

With an Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 and the latest Nvidia IDE drivers, I couldn’t burn without my computer locking up. I removed the ASPI drivers that Kprobe installed and everything ran fine after that. Last scan on RICOHJPNR01 +R burnt at 4x gave a max PI of 17 and a max PO of 2.

i have a abit nf7s with last nforce2 driver. I removed the aspi driver and everything is great.

Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me!

Aspi is the Red horned man in disguise! It always has been!

I tried installing the new NVidia drivers (IDE among them) and then removing ASPI and for the first time I was able to burn without my PC totally “freezing” up.

The burns with the NVidia drivers however are not “any better” than those created while running the Microsoft IDE driver. I was hoping for an improvement.

Though DVD+R’s burned @ 8X by my 411@811 are always “playable” in all of the set-top DVD players that I have tried out so far, my KProbe scans are not all “that great” & I was hoping to see an improvement in PO errors after burning with the NVidia IDE driver installed for the first time but they are exactly the same as with the MS driver.

I’m sure however that overall all of my IDE devices will perform better as a whole by using the “enhanced” NVidia NForce2 drivers which is why I went through the trouble of getting them to work properly with the 411@811 drive. I just didn’t like having to use the generic IDE driver and ever since I bought the Lite-On I have had to revert back to the MS driver, so I’m glad to be using the NVidia driver even if it doesn’t offer any noticeable improvements in regards to DVD+R burns.

you have to know that the kprobe scans with a 411@811 are not good. that will not say that the burn is bad… (i had the same)

NVidia drivers have never worked for me with my Asus A7N8X v1.6 (not deluxe). Even up to the newest version with no ASPI…

But from everything I’ve read they do nothing for performance…

From what I’ve read, the Nvidia Nforce 2 has the IDE not on the PCI interface, but on a seperate interface. The drivers should allow the OS to address the IDE controller more efficiently, rather than attempt to use it as a standard PCI ata controller.

It should improve HD performance no-end. (not that it does in reality).

well it does come with a nice lil speed test in device manager but it didnt make me think my drives started using steroids or anything. but it does work