Lite-On and CD Speed

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right forum but here goes…

I have a Lite-On 32123S o/cd to 40125S and trying to use Nero CD Speed.

When I insert a blank CD it tells me the space is 128:30:62 and a test will not complete and locks the system up.

The version I’m using is 1.01.3

I also have the trial version of Alcohol and CloneCD.

Anybody have an answer?

Download the latest one [COLOR=darkblue]NeroInfoTool 1032 and see what happens then .
As far as I can recall, this issue was discussed a couple of months ago . Probably Airhead had that kinda trouble .[/COLOR]

thanks for the reply but I believe you’re talking about Info Tool and I’m talking about CD Speed-anyway I think that is the latest version of CD Speed. Not sure what the problem but since it’s effects are minimal, I gues I’ll be happy it still writes and reads correctly. Thanks again.

Yes, that’s right, you were talking about [COLOR=darkblue]NeroCDSpeed <- the latest v.1.02 [/COLOR]