Lite-On and BenQ also to produce Lightscribe drives for HP

I just posted the article Lite-On and BenQ also to produce Lightscribe drives for HP.

It seems
that Lite-On and BenQ are joining the ranks of LG in becoming a manufacturer
that will produce CD/DVD recorders with Lightscribe technology enabling users to
write labels at the…

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As much as I originally thought this idea was useless, if everyone jumps on the bandwagon then this could well replace my sharpie.

Didn’t Yamaha have a similar technology in their CD-R writers? I think that worked on the write side of the CD though…

Yamaha stopped making writers years ago…

Yeh it was called DISCT@2 (disc tatoo). You’d write on the write-side of the disc in the space that’s usually left after not filling the whole disc with data/music. Right now, LightScribe makes far more sense than Disct@2, but LightScribe media is very expensive from the prices listed here so far. I think HP should be concerned about cheapo printers selling now that can print straight to disc in a VERY short time, and in full colour if wanted, too. LightScribe still takes a while and needs said expensive media instead of cheap inkjet printables. And writing by hand is always a cheap option, too. :g

Just noticed it LightScribe is more sensitive to fading from light according to their FAQ here: See the section “LightScribe Care And Handling”.

I can’t believe some of you people use the SHarpie (the CRAPPIE) pen to write on your CDs/DVDs. The Sharpie is one piece of CRAP. You can EASILY barely touch it and it fades away, even after many days… The ink doesn’t remain permanent. You might as well use the new no fault labeling they advertise that does not create unbalance… I can wipe my arse with the Sharpie and lightCRAP technology, nobody wants to pay triple the price for media…

Rimmer, you must be using the “dollar store” sharpies. Because the sharpies I use don’t smudge. Even seconds after you write on a cd…:stuck_out_tongue:

Dollar store or not, mine is written Sharpie and has an 1-800 number, so Sharpie is Sharpie, I will file a lawsuit and go to small claims court to get my $2 back the pens are not worth sh*t!

well, how much is this special media going to cost? if it’s on par with regular cd-r’s or dvd-r’s then i might sign up…

Not even close to reasonable, IMO. “Available now, Verbatim LightScribe 52x CD-R discs are available in 10 and 30-pack spindles. Ten-packs of the LightScribe media have street prices of about $10.95 for the 52x CD-R media, and $29.95 for the 30 packs. Verbatim LightScribe 8x DVD+R media will be available later in February 2005.” Keep in mind these are street prices, which are normally a lot lower than RRP.