Lite on and audio protection

I have noted that people are reporting Lite on with firmware vs08 (48125w) as capable of reading protected audio discs. Is it as good as the Teac and Plextors are told to be ?

Another question is how the latest generation lite ons firmware handles the protections, the 6’ series (48126-52246)have different firmwares than the 48125w. Any experiences out there ?

Alexnoe reported that he succeded in ripping the “Shakira Laundry Service” cd, protected by Key2Audio, with 48125W and the fw VS08. He also reported that this fw is able to do also the “Cactus Data Shiled 200” protection.

I found that the ripping quality in EAC is really good if you use c2 error detection (but not correction!) and limit the maximum speed at 24x because of sync issues during the DAE extraction. Anyway I made a thread some days ago in which I reported some tricks on how to configure Liteon and EAC: