Lite-On always wants to format all DVD's on vista

I used to have a SOHW-1639S on my old XP comp. It worked very well absolutely no issues on XP. I dual-booted Vista Ultimate on the rig and worked ok except that everytime I put in a DVD or CD in the drive, it always wants to format it and cannot read the contents. I have to re-open and close the DVD tray for the drive to be able to read it properly and not want to format it. This only happened on Vista, on XP it worked perfect.

I got a new rig and decided to again get a lite-on DVD drive on it. I got a lite-on DH20A3S running on Vista Ultimate. The bad thing is, the same symptom as what happend in my old rig on vista always happens. The drive always wants to format any DVD/CD I put in it and I have to re-open and close the tray for the drive to be able to read the DVD/CD properly.

Is this a known issue with Vista and lite-on drives? ANy way I can get the drive to work normally and not have to re-open and close the tray everytime?


This is weird, I don’t have any experience with vista just wait a little bit and i’m sure that there are people on the forum with vista/lite-on experience.

Nothing on this?

I’ve ever read that another user with LH-18A1P experienced the same situation. I think this is a Vista bug rather than a Lite-ON fault (software problem rather than hardware problem).

Yep. ANy tips how I resolve this? It’s an annoyance.

I had no idea since I didn’t even started to touch Vista yet… Do you have all the latest hotfix/updates installed?

Isnt Vi$ta supposed to have 2 dvd burning modes?
1 the standard way and 1 for vi$ta only??

All I can say is that I’ve had the same problem with a 20A1P and a 165P6S on Vista. Sorry, I didn’t solve it.

m$ has introduced its own “dvd filesystem” with vi$ta, AFAIK.
That regards to burning to DVD.

I was experencing the same issue, to fix I went to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\AutoPlay in vista, change all selections to ask everytime, at the bottom click save…

As soon as I did this and went back to my computer and right clicked did a refresh, then double clicked the dvd-drive it opened up and showed the files on the dvd…

Problem solved…