Lite-On also makes Wireless Keyboards?

I thhought Lite-On only makes Optical Products.

I didnot know that they manufactured keyboards.

Look at the link

Didn’t know about the wireless keyboards, but I got a good deal on some Lite-On manufactured PSUs at a computer show for some systems I built.

So I guess they have numerous enterprises going.

The above link give their entire enterprise structure.

The LiteON products I’ve bumped into are:
Keyboards (ordinary & wireless)

And as Prowler says, they make PSU’s, and a zillion things more.
I think one way they can keep the prices down is that they sell very very much of all kinds of products.

TFT Monitors

Oooh My God !!! I have that wireless keyboard for 3 years and I dun even know it is from Lite-On…

My Laptops PSU is a LiteOn as well :wink:

So, Lite-On is into many things.

Curious to know how their other products perform. Their burners rock for sure.