Lite-on A740GX/A760GX-HDD issue, it is true

I had read that this model would interupt a DVD-READ session (watching a movie or whatever) when the timer kicks on to record to the HDD. It gives the warning about 2 minutes before the program starts. The manual says that you can hit play to start watching what you have recorded but I don’t think it can play DVD while recording to the HDD, which is a bummer and rather odd. This can’t be a hardware issue as there are other single tuner DVDR-HDD that can record to HDD while reading from DVD. These are two separate devices on two separate IDE channels controlled by the firmware. That this function does not seem to exist on these units seems to be a firmware issue. Either someone out there with the skills can hack the firmware to allow this or Lite-on gets enough complaints and they release a new firmware that will write to HDD while reading from DVD drive. I can deal with it but I did experience this annoyance last night when I forgot about a timed recording and was interupted. The timed recording didn’t continue on though, it was canceled. Which is odd but that may have been my fault.

A person on another forum added this:

LiteON actually has two “modes” for the recorder to be in - It’s either HDD or DVD. In DVD mode, you’re either writing to or reading from the DVD unit. Once your timed recording “kicks in”, it’s FORCING a switch to HDD mode, thereby eliminating your chance to pass the DVD signal to your external source.

I agree, there’s no logical reason that is HAS to be this way, but that’s way they implemented it on this unit.

This unbalanced mode of operation is a bit dissappointing and I consider it a serious flaw from an otherwise excellent unit. I’m still convinced this is a firmware issue and can be corrected with an updated firmware from Lite-on or after-market manipulation. I just don’t have the knowledge or experience to edit the firmware code myself.

Personally, I doubt a simple firmware
upgrade or hack would “fix” this.
The new Polaroid DRM-2001G
does the same thing.
A simple workaround is to play movies
with a separate player. :bigsmile:

Oh I know and that is what I shall do. It is just retarded and simply can’t understand why Lite-on, or ANY DVDR manufacturer, would do it this way. Makes no sense.

I’ll tell you what really makes no sense,
is that machines sush as these would
be made with a mono TV tuner.
That is the case with the Polaroid,
so I bought the Lite-On.
While waiting for the Lite-On to arrive
I called Lite-On and was told theirs is
mono too (only the TV tuner - all else is
So I’m running the TV signal from a VCR
to the recorder, which works but is a pain.

One thing I find strange is that while most of Lite-On’s US models have a mono TV tuner, most of their UK hard drive models actually have a Nicam stereo TV tuner. For example, I can confirm that my LVW-5045 has a stereo TV tuner, however this is not the case for the US LVW-5045, which is likely the reason why someone people are confused whether their model is stereo or not. :rolleyes:

On the other hand, as consumers usually buy DVD recorders to obviously record TV broadcasts, manufacturers should consider offering stereo TV tuners as standard with both US and UK models before adding less-commonly used features such as DivX Certified playback, etc. which generally only the more experienced users make use of. For example, if someone has an LVW-5045 in the US, they will have the choice of watching their TV channel live as before in stereo or gain the ability to pause live TV at the cost of watching their broadcast with mono audio.

Liteon HD-A740GX DVD Recorder with 160GB hi have you guys run this model and if so did you sort out the problems did a firmware updated do the trick how good a machine is this model :clap: