Lite-On 851S won't burn CD's

Ok, this burner is about to get chucked. It burns DVD’s, but refuses to burn CD’s correctly. I’ve tried every official firmware there is and I’ve cleared the EEPROM. I’ve tried 6 different Burning applications and 4 different types of CD-R media. Here is an image from CD/DVD speed of it burning an image to CD (successful bad burn).

Notice that huge dip? The drive got alot quieter right then.

Is there something I’m missing here? I’m already looking at external writers and maybe putting in this old 4x CD-RW burner i got.

Is that CD unreadable? Just reduce your burn speed to 24X.

Made the disc slightly more readable, but still spinning off CD-R coasters.

I have the external version (851SX), the latest firmware is GS0P, maybe that would help? From the screenshot it looks like you may be using an older version.