Lite On 851S To 832S

I wanted to get my 851S to be able to record -R at 8X, so I tried to flash CG5J patched firmware and I also tried VS0J firmware so that my drive could be updated to 832S. Everything went fine and my drive shows up as a 832S in Windows, but when I try to write with Nero the fastest speed possible for my any of my 8X media is 4X. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

if you’ve used the search function you would know that he mx speed for -r media is 4x with your drive. only drives newer than the 812s can burn -r @8x.

I know that max -R for 851S is 4X, but under my own ignorance I assumed flashing this drive to 832S would allow me to burn 8X. That is the reason why I flashed it to begin with. I always thought the limitation was because of firmware.

sell you still will most likely get better quality burns with that newer firmware, so the upgrade wasn’t actually in vain…

The hardware off a 851s only allow burning to dvd-r at max 4x.

Crossflashing to a 832S would not not remove the restriction off 4x dvd-r burn.

Your crossflash will benefit of better mediasupport, because the newer firmware have more mediacodes.