Lite-On 851S Problem , Please Help

I updated the firmware on my Lite-On 581S to the latest GSOK, as alot of my 4x speed media was only able to record at 2x.

After applying the firmware i am now able to burn at the correct speed but i have another problem.

I bough 100 Datawrite reds V3 4x DVD-R’s , mainly for data back-up , but my lite-on no longer recognises them and did recognise then before the update. The drive just searches for the disk for about 60 secs then stops.

Do anyone have any suggstions please ??

Thanks in advance


You could revert back to your previous firmware if GS0K isn’t working out for you.

Thanks for the reply.

If i went back to the old version, it would mean my other media doesnt burn at the correct speeds , so its a bit of a loose loose situation really :frowning:

What other media do you have?

And what was your previous firmware version?