Lite on 851s not working with safedisc 2/3

There was already a thread on this but unfortunately there was no resolution to it. Here’s the ditty. I too am having that same exact problem mentioned in another thread! My Lite On 851s is supposed to be able to make working back ups of safe disc protected games according to the reviews on the 811 and 812s which are almost exactly the same drive. When i put the cd backup in my regular cd-rom it just spins! It wont play the cd. However, I put the cd in my lite on and it did play (one of htem did). This is odd since safedisc uses ATIP protection and I did not have any emulation running. Another weird thing, I can do working copies of any seucrom game. The latest being Deuse Ex 2 which uses securom 4.8x i believe. I would really like to get this issue resolved with safe disc protected games but I don’t know hwere to start. I am using Sony 80 min CD-Rs and have tried the latest versions of alcohol and blindwrite with no success. Could it just be my cd-rom which is a good 4-6 years old? Would getting a new one work? Any suggestions would be super. Thanks

Buying a new liteon DVD-Rom should solve your problem, since they are great for playing safedisc proteceted game backups.

Do you know of a good list of models of DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drives that will play safedisc games made with a lite on 851s perfectly? Does it have to be a Lite-On ROM drive? Or can it be any? Cause I am considering buying a new CD-ROM since this tghing is atleast 3-4 years old. Any help would be great. Thanks

Best bet would probably be the ltd-166s or the slightly newer version 167t. Both of these are liteon DVD-Rom drives and liteon make the most tolerant drives for reading safedisc backups. I have the 166s and it plays all my backups. You can’t go wrong with one of these drives! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help =) I’ll go online and look around for those drives. Thanks again =)

No problem. Good luck with the search! :smiley:

Also JLMS (JVC) has a rebadged LiteON 166s 16x.