Lite-On 851S HELP!

I just bought this dvd burner from best buy. I installed the software that came with it but is will not burn a dvd/cd. when windows starts it automatically detects the drive and says it is a lite on… but then it changes the drive to a plain cd rom. i updated the firmware with the lastest one the liteon website. was this a good or bad idea. when i go to the lite on website there is not driver update just the firmware. say xp should have the correct driver.


comp specs: (i have all the min. requirements as detailed on the box)
amd 1600+
XP Pro
512 ram

also the drive can read any cd/dvd fine

You may have a media problem. How Windows detects the drive and portrays it in Device Manager is not important.

well im trying to use the dvd+r that came with the drive thats in the box

Can you please describe how you are trying to burn the disc?

with nero, when i start it all it says is please select a burning device. all that is there is a virtual drive

Oh. Sounds like Nero is having trouble detecting your drive. Possible culprits include ASPI and problems with your IDE drivers in Windows. I’ve been been good at troubleshooting these two types of problems (someone else will probably provide a more helpful answer), so I’ll just leave it at this. But it definitely looks like a problem with the setup and not with the drive itself…

what version of nero do i need to use to burn dvds. i noticed that my nero dosent have a spot for burning dvds.

The latest Nero version will support 851s. The list of supported Liteon recorders is here.

thanks i found a version that works great

anywone that now were i can finf the software for this burner


Have a look at the Recording Software Forum - you’ll find everything in there.