Lite-On 851S Buffer



Guys, here is my problem. Once in a while (about 2 out of 6 discs) I get a really slow burn - 2 hours instead of the usual 14 minutes at 4x speed. Nero shows recoder’s buffer to be only 20% full and the status light keeps flashing instead of being always on. Everyting stays like that for the whole 2 hours. Do I have buffer underruns at that moment? Why is the burning so slow?

The next time after it happens, I get a normal 14 minute burn under the same conditions - same HD source files, same media, etc. My hard drive seems to be OK and I have nothing else except Nero running and my CPU usage is low. What is going on here?


Yea, that’s severe buffer underrun, all right… but… why it would occur randomly beats the heck out of me. :confused: Is there anything that might be running in the background that you might have missed? A virus scanner? Someone downloading files off your computer (if you’re on a LAN)?

It may be worthwhile to keep your system monitor open (if you have 2K/XP) during these burns. Change the options so that the process list shows the page fault delta (many page faults == more use of virtual memory == excessive HDD use) for each process, the memory usage for each process, the CPU usage for each process, and the I/O usage for each process… and try to see if anything looks out of the ordinary the next time you get one of these super-slow burns.


I had the exact same problem…

I just got a Gigabyte GO-A0804a which I flashed to a Lite-on 851s. When it was still using the gigabyte firmware, I tried burning a multisession DVD in Nero and I got the same 20% buffer issue. Nero’s buffer was completly empty the whole time. I find it interesting that we both got 20%. I was using a Ritek DVD+R 4x, burning (or at least trying to burn) at 4x. My system specs:

Benq Joybook 5000
Centrino 1.4
Burning from a 30GB FAT32 partition with about 4 gigs free
512 RAM
Lite-on 851s (using an external drive enclosure to convert to USB2.0)

At first I thought it might be the drive enclosure’s fault, but I burn CDR’s at 40x with no problems on the same drive. I’ve only burned 3 DVD’s and this happened on the first one, so I will keep you posted on any future mishaps. The disc I burned was using nero 6.0.0, which I upgraded. Maybe that was the problem? what did you use to burn?


Normal for a laptop. My friend gets a ton of buffer underruns when burning from his laptop. A 4200 RPM laptop drive simply can’t keep up.

Also, 40x CDs burn slower than 4x DVDs for the most part. Towards the very end, the data rate for the 40x CD exceeds that of the 4x DVD, but only briefly. DVD burning is much more demanding than CDs on your computer’s I/O capabilities.


I forgot to mention that I was using Norton antivirus 2004 pro with autoprotect turned on… seems this is a BAD idea, read:


I use Nero Is there anyway to simulate DVD burning in Nero? The simulation option is grayed when I insert a DVD+R disc. Any other way to simulate burning in order to see what’s going on with all the processes, HDs, etc. without actually doing a burn?



This is the one downside to +R discs… they can’t be simulated. :sad:


And -R can be?