Lite-on 851s@832s Jitter

All right, I finally got my TY02s and doing some tests I was surprised to see that while the PIE and PIF did stabilize dramatically from the junk DVDs I was using before the Jitter has not changed. 16% average, that is terribly high right?

This is a Lite-on drive and reading around it would seem that they are prone to higher jitter, but this high?

Could this high jitter contribute to the still marginal/poor PIE and PIF?

I know this is an old drive, but it has not seen many hours and I would like to use it at least as a scanner when I get my soon to be delivered Pioneer 111D which will be a 111L about 10 minutes after it is installed.

…and for years I’ve been told 1S v.1/S2 drives doesn’t support jitter scaning… :doh:

I would not rely on the x51 series jitter reporting ability. It is not the best choice as a scanner. For around $30.00USD you can do much better.

Thanks for the responses.

I guess my 851@832 will be relegated to an emergancy drive then.

I will wait for the 111D and see how that reports. Its stunning how long 3 days can feel like…