Lite On 851 making coasters where none had been b4?

I recently bought a LO 851. I also have a HP300i. I have a toshiba 5 disc standalone player.

I’m using memorex 4x +r’s for backups. In previous dvd movie rips with my HP, I’ve had no problems. When I started using the Lite On, I’m getting lot’s of skips and pauses in the stand alone. Playing in the LO drive is fine. When I use the HP +RW I have, the lite On burn plays fine in the standalone.

Why would my LO burns not work and my HP’s work? I’ve reduced the speed to 2.4x, but I’m still getting bad discs, skipping in the standalone… I have a very large bundle of blanks. Would these discs play in a different stand alone? For $45 it would be cheaper to buy a new standalone, then to discard the 86 DVD’s I have left.

Any help or advice would be appreciated…

Memorex uses a variety of suppliers for there discs, ranging from good to crap.
On of the well known points about LiteOn burners is they don’t like crappy media.

What is the media code on those DVD’s? (check my tools guide in my sig, kprobe section how to find out).

I’ve heard nothing but bad about Memorex DVD’s with the Lite On burners and there seems to always be Memorex media on sale at the stores.

Thanks for the replies. I have a PS2 with a magic chip also. I tried the coasters in there and they worked fine. I think that my standalone (toshiba 5 disk changer) just isn’t dealing with the lite on burns. I’m not certain why…the HP that I had burned the same disks without problems…:confused:

Oh well, not a total loss as I can still watch them on my ps as well as use them for backing up games.

What is a good blank media for the Lite On? Should I focus more on the -r or the +r’s?

Thanks for the tips…