Lite-On 832S



Hi Guys,

New to DVD Burners.

What is the difference between the 812S & 832S. Is there such a thing as a Dual Layer Burner yet!!!




Yes there is, the SOHW-832S differs from the SOHW-812S in that it is able to burn to DVD+R9 DL discs at 2.4x while the SOHW-812S cannot burn DVD+R9 DL discs at all.


What does the R stand for? “Region 9”




R == recordable
9 == 8.5 GB (double/dual layer; not to be confused with double-sided)


You guys are great what about + and - thing???

what are some examples. Will flashing firmware from 812S to 832S fix that?


I don’t understand what you mean.

812S/832S is a dual-format burner. They can burn both + and - media.

812S can be flashed to a 832S if you want DL support.



what I mean is, what is + and - Media, whats the difference???

Let me get this right 812S is not D/L at all, where as the 832S is??

Have I got it?


Yes, 832S does DL, 812S does not.


And I can flash a 812S to 832S to get Dual Layer support?

Has anyone done it and it has worked?


Buy a 832S if you want double layer support. It won’t be much more expensive. Support the companies that are dumping money into research to bring us the latest technologies. Read around in the Liteon forum if you want a less ethical answer.


Thanks for the tip DHC014,


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What is it with you. Why every time I post here we seem to get into some sort of pissing contest. I did learn, I haven’t been here for a while. THE POST WASN"T ORIGINALLY FOR THAT REASON + or -. It was for a specific Hardware question.
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Like I said original post not related to + or - DVD Media.


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I just answered your Q related to + or - DVD Media.


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