Lite-On 832S vs. NEC ND-2510A



I am in the market for a DVD burner, and I think I would like an 8x ±R(w) with dual layer support, I have looked into it some and found good reviews on the Lite-On and NEC. Which would you choose and why?
P.S. I do not really want to save a little money by buying an older drive the flashing it.


you made like me, my first post but to choose between liteon 812 and nec 2500, and after a month of reading reviews, posts, problems, i chose litein 812.

they both have firmware hacks, i felt more comfortable with liteon firmware patchers.

liteon support reporting C1 and C2 error, so kprobe works with it, and i like to be sure that how the write process was. <- this reason is a one that made me choose.


Seems like this gets debated/asked every week. :slight_smile:

Here’s a thread that might interest you. There’s another link inside to a different thread with even more information.

That thread has a messed up link in it (although still has good ifnormation). Here’s the “different thread with even more information”:


I’d choose the NEC ND-2500A/2510A, based on the fact that it’s probably the best CD-R/RW and DVDR/RW recorder out there with regards to burn quality.



Is it possible for the 2510A to do bit setting and error reporting?


For bitsetting, the stock NEC ND-2510A firmwares have support for bitsetting DVD+R DL media only.

With firmwares 2.04 through 2.06, bitsetting on DVD+R DL media is done auatomatically.

With firmware 2.15 (actually an older, OEM firmware), you need to run a utility to change the booktype setting.

(You can also use Herrie’s modified firmwares to do bitsetting on all DVD+R/+RW/+R DL media.)

No NEC firmware allows you to use Kprobe or CDSpeed Disc Quality Scan to check PI/PO and C1/C2 errors on DVDs and CDs.