Lite-On 832s problem/or not




I’m new to all of the firmware flashing stuff. I’ve read some threads here I and I decided to flash my 832s with VS0B ref. firmware. After flashing i did some scans with KProbe2 of cdrs I had recorded. I’ve spoted one thing.
On the first cd I’ve recorded with a new firmware the value of C1 Max was under 10 and total aroud 70, but with every new recording those values started increasing and after 7 cds I ended up with C1 Max value around 20 and total around 1500. C2 values are always 0. My question is: Is that normal ??

edit also I forgot to mention that the writing speed was 16x and so was the reading speed i KProbe2.

Please help.


Hi there,

The single-line spike that you see in the C1/C2 errors is the result of a reading glitch and not a problem of the disc. All LiteOn DVD-writers will report the same single-line glitch. You can safely ignore it (right-click on the graph and click remove highest point).


Ok to make sure I’m posting 2 scans results one of dvd and one of cdr:

Are these normal resaults?