Lite-On 832s not recognizing DVD+R Dual Layer

Newbie to all this so I was hoping someone could help out. I have a Lite-On 832S and Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer disks. When I try and use them in DVD Shrink or Nero, both say that the media is not supported for DVD9 burning. WHy is that? For some reason DVD Shrink says that I’ve placed the wrong media type in, it thinks its a CDR.

Any suggestions? I haven’t upgraded to the newiest firmware yet.


Verbatim DL +R should work if you have the suitable firmware applied to the drive.

However, DVDShrink is no burning app.

What is the mediacode of the +R DL and what version of Nero you use?

Thanks for responding. Heres the stats:
Disc Type: dvd+r dl
MFG: Mitsubishi Chemical Corp
Media ID: MKM001
Capacity: 7.96GB
Free Size: 7.96GB
Layers: 2

Drive stats:
FW Revision: VS04
Date Code: 2004/05/19
FlashRom MFG ID: C2
FlashROM Device ID: 37

For Nero I’m using Nero Buring ROM 6

As a follow-up, I looked at the dvd disks and that package says DL, however the disks actually say Double Layer. Is that the problem? Not Dual layer instead of Double Layer? I know that +R usually means Double and -R means Dual.

+R/+RW=DVDRW Alliance; -R/-RW=DVD Forum. They are standards, not what you’re thinking! Some readings would be helpful; anyway…
Dual Layer: a drive that can read/write BOTH formats (+R/+RW and -R/-RW);
Double Layer (DL): a disc that can be written up to 8.5GB (sometimes referred as “DVD9”, while mono-layer DVDs are referred to as “DVD5”).
What’s the problem with your drive? Surely it is a Dual Layer, and can read/write Double layer discs…

dual layer and double layer are the same. just discs with 2 layers (up to 8.5gb) to write on.

VS04 is an old firmware.

Upgrade to latest VS0J.

Nero 6 is not explicit enough.
Update to if you want use buggy Nero for burning DL - i cannot recommend it.

Better use progs like DVDDecrypter and ImgBurn.