Lite-On 832S All-in-one Guide


I recently bought a Lite-On 832S model.
I have read many posts in this forum that were very helpful and now i have
VS08 patched with read speed, auto bitsetting and use the recommended strategy
replacements + 2 i did after reading posts here (Ritek G5->G6), (MCC03 -> TY 01/01)

I tried to use “shift-fixing” because i had troubles with MCC003 (Verbatim) media but after
enabling it i got the media recognised as 4x only so i disabled it.

I know there is much information about it, but it is scattered among many posts.
I think if we posted everything we have done, as a form of guide it would be good for
future 832S buyers.

Is there anything you recommend me (and others) to do ?

Do you know any 832S “certified” media (preferably 8x or at least 4x) ?

Also, i have an irelevant question.
I have burnt 3 8x dvds till now.
1 That’s write TY02 (shipped with the drive) 8x
1 Plextor TY02 8x
1 Verbatim MCC003 8x (Using TY 01/01 strategy).

When i see the bottom side of both the Plextor and the Verbatim, i see 3 rings.
From the position of them i guess the start of the 2nd ring is at the point the speed goes
4x->6x and the start of the 3rd ring is at the point 6x->8x.

When i see the “That’s write” which has exactly the same media code as the Plextor, there
is only 1 ring.
I am new to dvd-burning and i have seen this for the first time.
It never happened to me when burning a cd.

At first i thought it was a bad burn but the kprobe results show them as perfect.
Are those rings normal ?

Thank you again.

Hmm Media for the 832S whats good is: RICOHJPNR02 i am using atm Verbatim 8x MCC 02 Rg 20 and i get good results.
What i have tried to burn and what was a total failure was one CMC MAG AF 01 (shipped with the drive you cant buy it here anywhere so its not that sad g)