Lite-On 832, NEC 2510A/HP 520i in Canada

Hi, i’m new to these forums but I have read quite a few posts for the past couple hours, especially the 2510A/832 debate. From what I’ve gathered:
-2510A are less picky on media quality and burn very well
-832 and 520i(which is a rebranded NEC if i’m not wrong) have bitsetting which is practically vital for dual-layered burning.

Now I’ve been trying to find those products in Canada (Montreal) but to no avail. I know of a shop that’s going to get some 2510A soon, but the bitsetting issue is somewhat annoying me. I would use the hacked firmware on 2510A if the Lite-On quality is a grave issue but i’d prefer official ones.

Also, I cannot find the HP 520i, so I assume that they’re not available yet. Anyone know when they will be?

Now, anyone know any RELIABLE online shops that have those products for sale (that ship in Canada, I don’t think NewEgg does)? Or better yet, a shop in Montreal that sells them :cool: . I read some1 getting the Lite-On for some approx 150$ CDN but I lost track of his post to PM him directly.

Oh and also, where could i get 50packs spindles of DVD+R at good prices? I’m not sure that Future Shop has them yet.

Thanks in advance,