Lite-on 812S DVD Playback on Standalone Drive

I recently purchased a Lite-on 812s drive.

I did a test burn of a dvd movie however the playback had large size pixels and every now and again it would pause. I was playing the movie on a standalone panasonic dvd player. It does playback perfectly on the computer and some other generic brand drives.

I bought some different -r discs Ritek, Princo and others. I found that the best playback was on Princo. It was perfect until half was through the film and then it started producing pixels again. +r does is not recongnised by the player.

I updated the firmware to US0N too see if it would make a difference but now its even worse.

Is there a setting I can change with Omnipatcher which will fix this.

Any Ideas

Forgot the name , but one of the burning software is apparently known for this…what software are you using? My 812s with USON omnipatched plays back on my harmon Kardon player perfectly. I use DVD shrink and nero. I do not think Omni patcher can help you here, but it is a hell of a great tool for over speeding certain media, bit setting etc!

Forgot to mention…if you use omni patcher and enable bit setting, the +R disks will appear as DVD-rom instead of +r after burned…may solve your problem. Also Liteons are know to produce better +r results than -R!

OmniPatcher 1.2.0 will almost never improve burn quality except in a few select cases…

Maybe with 1.3.0…

And yes, Jeff is correct: you will most likely get better results with +R… esp. if the -R that you’re using is Ritek (:Z) or Princo (:Z)…

As for bitsetting, you can always use the official LiteOn tool to booktype your discs. OP’s autobitsetting is only for those (like me) who are too lazy to use the official tool. :wink:

Thanks Guys, I’ll try a few more things

Set the bitrate with the Lite-On Utility and recorded on +r media.

It now works perfectly on the Panasonic RV-32 Player.

Thanks Guys

You guys were very close to answering my question but didn’t so I am going to ask. If I get an 812S and enable auto bitsetting will I be able to play +RWs on any stand alone player? I much prefer -RWs but I have $75 worth of +RWs and I only have one player that takes them all the time. The other players are happy with the +Rs I have burned with my 107 but for some reason not the +RWs. I really am tired of trying to find a GOOD player that will deal with + format reliably and the next replacement I want to get (Toshiba 3950) is only $50 but it doesn’t like +R.

This would almost be enough of a reason to get an 812. I have wanted to be able to use Kprobe for some time but my Pioneer 107 works like a charm and I really couldn’t come up with enough reasons to get another drive just to use Kprobe.


By the way, code65536, I think you deserve the credit for the new firmware I got the other day for my Liteon 167T.

BRAVO!!. What an elegant job of improving a drive that is already near perfect.

It might. There are a lot of factors that affect playback, from burn quality, to the pickiness of the player, etc. If your player is the type that has problems with +RW discs in general, then yes, booktyping them (either via auto- or using the official tool from LiteOn) to -ROM will likely solve the problem. If, however, your player is known to play unbooktyped +RWs fine, then perhaps other issues, like burn quality or media quality can be looked at instead.

Damm Ritek is taking a beating in these forums

I personally have yet to have a problem with G04 or G05 -r