Lite-on 812s - Burning Problems

hey everyone.

i have a lite-on 812s that i purchased back when it first came out and i’ve
started having problems with burning recently.

i’ve almost only used ritekg05’s as my media as i’ve never had any problems
with them (hundreds of discs burned, maybe 1 or 2 coasters not attributed
to the disc itself) until recently.

i haven’t burned anything for a while - maybe a couple of months, but have
used it to read. it’s in an enclosure for usb 2.0 so that i can move it around,
i have 5 computers and it’s just easier for me.

just this past week, i purchased another 50pk of ritek and out of… maybe
5 dvds used… 5 were bad, so i stopped there. I never updated the firmware
on it as i’ve never needed to (never had problems, so) so i burned another
dvd - which turned out bad - then updated to the latest US0S and burned
another dvd - which also turned out bad.

I’ve never used kprobe before, but i downloaded and installed it and did a
test on the US0S burn of the dvd, which is attached to this post (hopefully).
could anyone tell me what the read-out means? i’m currently scanning the
same data burned dvd on the US01 firmware, but i’m getting a large amount
of “Errors” and “Servo Error” so i can only think that maybe my burner is

thanks for any help.

the scan on the us01 burn finished.
first picture is the dvd with us0s.
second picture is the dvd with us01.
same data burned.

An Error log would be more helpful. A Track or Servo Error can mean the power to your recorder could be fluctuating. Because you have an external recorder, if possible, remove it from the external chassis and connect it to one of your systems as an internal recorder. If this resolves your issue, you need to replace or repair the power source in your external chassis. If not the drive may be getting tired.

Welcome to the Freaks Forum :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick reply!

i was thinking of also trying to place it into a computer and testing it there,
but i’m doing as much as i can with the enclosure first to see if there is
anything i can do. i’ve just opened it and unplugged/replugged everything
back in and doing the kprobe tests on the dvds again to see if there is any

you mention getting an error log…
where can i create one?

in nero, during burning, there are no errors and it reports burning was
successful. but if i do a “verify compilation” afterwards, i get numerous
read errors and if i try to read the dvd manually in explorer, i get errors
as well. any programs backed up into it become unreadable (“this is not
a valid win32 application”) and many things can’t be opened or accessed.

is there another program to use for better error logs?

and - as an update - the replugging of everything didn’t fix anything. still
getting “servo error 030900” in the same places with the us01 dvd (running
in background), so i guess i will have to try plugging it into a comp.

oh, and the drive can read and seek just fine without any problems - pressed
cds/dvds, burned cds/dvds, so the only problem that’s cropped up now is

are there any other things i could try while it’s still in the enclosure? i’d like to
have putting it into a computer as a final test. would burning at a slower
speed determine anything?


Sorry I thought you were getting errors whilst burning. Definately give the internal a whirl and post back.

i haven’t put the writer into a comp yet, but i’ve just finished burning the
same data @ 6x.

the burn completed successfully and the “verify compilation” in nero passed
without any errors. currently scanning with kprobe (@ 50% right now) and
avg is po-90/pi-4.

i’m thinking that i just have a bad batch of g05s? or, in any case, am
experiencing the quality drop of the dvds. =\

same data @ 4x burn.

does this mean that the disc quality is just down the drain?

Yup. I cant speak for Ritek Quality, but it looks that way. Try buying a single Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, run a burn and verify. If this is the case the verification/quality scans should be fine using these two.