Lite-On 812S Burning Errors

Well, i got my 812s about 4 months ago, and the first media i got for it was Yi Jhan, well needless to say thats really bad media, and after burning them they would never read again, i had 100% failure rate. Now after that i picked up some RITEKG04’s which i have yet to burn one successfully without errors on the disk, Nero Verify never passes, and the Kprobe results are really poor.

Now after that i tried one disk from a kid on my floor, it was GSC002 media, and well Kprobe never even finished, and was around 60,000 read errors when i finally stopped it.

After that i went and bought some PRODISCF01 media which i burned, and this is my result. Nero verify failed but it seems alot better than the RITEKG04’s, im not sure why nero verify failed because KProbe says 0 read errors.

Now granted those arent great results either, and i burned that @ 4x not 8x like the disks say they can go to, actually everything ive burned has been @ 4x or 2x and none have helped.

Do i have a bad drive? Should I RMA my drive because it seems like i cant ever get a good burn no matter what media i am using.

Try some +R discs like RICOHJPN and see how you go before you give up, my 812S doesn’t like to many -R brands either but will burn the +R’s without a hicup, they may cost a little more but for hassle free burning they are worth it.

With all those spikes in the 1st KProbe scan it looks like you may be having a problem with buffer underrun, but I’m not sure?

SOB i dont really feel like buying MORE media but if i must and you say 812s likes it then i will. Also i had about 2 times the buffer underran in my first burn, but it was like 65% and 80% (not sure why, maybe a fragmented HD?) so all those spikes wouldnt be contributed to that. Oh and cost isnt an issue, cant be more than how much i spent on those Prodiscf01’s (sold from my school bookstore $50 for 25, yea i KNOW its a ripoff)

The burner definitly works nicely on my cheap cheap cheap CD-R’s ($10 for 100)

lol look @ manufacturer, yea thats bad :wink:

@ darkcube
Iceberg makes a good suggestion, try some +R media like RICOHJPNR01. You can also upgrade your burner to a 812@832 CG3E to use with that better media. You are also on the right track to defrag your HDD and make sure you have 5+GB continuous free space and that you try not doing anything(no open progs,no surfing) during the burn if you have been experiencing buffer underruns during your burns. Let us know how it goes.

If i were to upgrade to a 832 would that void my warenty? I was thinking about trying that and seeing if it helped but i thought that if it didnt then i wouldnt be able to send it back

I have yet to find anything of the -R discs that would consistently burn well on the 812S no matter what I have tried. Just when I find some +R that works well it becomes hard to find or the scans go south. My solution was to buy an NEC 3500 and the problems went away. The only thing I consistently get to work is Ritek +RW W11s. If I had to stick with my Lieon burner I would only buy TY media. They seem to be well worth the money. They are now half the cost they were just 6 months ago.

Updated my VIA 4in1 drivers
Updated Nero to
Installed the 832 Firmware
Burned @ 2x instead of 4x

And things just got worse…

Switched back to 812S but changed the writestrat to TYG02
Burned @ 4x

Ok got some RICOHJPNR01’s burned one @ 4x with 832 firmware. here are the results:

Currently burning and testing one @ 8x with force fallback enabled.

832 firmware @ 8x with forcefallback enabled:

812s firmware (although i didnt reboot so it still says 832, should that make a diff?)

4x 832 CG2B Firmware, force fallback enabled, auto-bitsetting enabled. Is this a good burn? PIF errors @ the end scare me

Ok, awnsered my own question: NOT A GOOD BURN:

Should i RMA? Even RICHOJPNR01’s dont work

I have a lite on 812s and have had one coaster in over 200 disks, and I’ve only just started to try +R. -R works fine for me. I mostly use TDK -R that I get at staples or best buy for ten dollars a twenty five back. These identify as TTG02. My PI scans are always under 20 with an average under 10. I’ve also used some princos without a problem. Oh yeah and the +R media that I just tried were TDK +R 8x that identified as cmcs, but they still work well! PI scans under 20 aswell.

My firmware is USOQ.

Attached is a PI scan of the cmc’s… not bad
and one PI scan of the TTGO2

Well, update to my problem i RMA’d my drive to newegg, and they’ve replaced it, with a NEC ND-3520A, it should be arriving within a few days, so i’ll tell you how that goes.

You should be very pleased. My 812S has now started burning +RW Riteks with errors so I now do all my burns with NEC. At least the Liteon still does scans, but I have yet to do a scan on any of my NEC burns that was bad.

Just got the drive installed about 10min ago, gonna try a burn, hoping my roomies laptop can scan it though =P

I still say the best media for the 812S is prodiscr03. But then, the 812S sucks anyway. Seems most other brands of writers are better as long as they don’t use the mediatek chip.