Lite-On 812 reads dvd's but no cd's

i’v got lite on 812 ,and it reads dvd no problem,but when i insert cd the ligth flashes but the disk is not recognized.any ideas?
the drive is new-3 days. :confused:

Welcome to CDF.

Can you give us more information. Are the discs blank or data discs? Are they CD-ROM or CD-R? What software are you using? What other drives do you have? Where is the drive located? How is it connected? What is your sytem?

it doesn’t recognize any tipe of cd’s.and I tryed the drive in diferent system with the same rezult.the problem started when I conected the external freecom hard disk and tryed to transfer some files from the cd wich was in the dvd-rw into the external usb hard was saying that tha transfer will take 100 minutes and it could not let me open the cd tray.soo the only way to open it was to use the sharp objekt into the smal holl.and from that moment it will not recognize any cd’s.

The 100 minutes thing sounds like the result of software/system problems. Perhaps inserting the sharp object into the emergency eject hole damaged the drive? Doing so while the drive is running and spinning is actually very dangerous!