Lite-on 811S

I’m new to this, bear with me pls. :slight_smile:
I have a lite-on 811S burner in my pc, its abt 4 years old.
I’v had no problems with it up until now but i seem to be getting a lot of coasters these days. esp since i’v started burning wii games for my daughter.
its burning ok with no error messages but afterwards when i verify the disk i’m getting a lot of read errors.
I’m using ritekG05 dvd-r which is making me think its not the media.
could my drive just be broken, but if so, why no error messages during the burn?
Help!! :confused:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m using ritekG05 dvd-r which is making me think its not the media.[/QUOTE]

Why do you think that it cannot be the media? Ritek discs are not exactly the very best, and the culprit could be the disc indeed.

Being the drive rather old, it could be at the end of its life, so it is a good idea to get a more recent drive, because most of media available in the market now are high speed certified, and there are very few probabilities that you’ll get a firmware update for that drive.

The best solution seems a new drive :flower:

It is the MEDIA (which is mediocre Q) and the burner itself never was a good DVD-R burner…

Definitely, Liteons majored in +R over that period, and G05 is probably the most variable Ritek code - the good was ok, the average wasn’t great and the worst was as bad as any fake / off brand can be.

I remember G04 was a hell of a lot better than G05

I’ll have to agree with the others on the media as using Ritek G05 disc’s is just asking for trouble
with read errors / playback / and long term stability. The G05’s have been proved to degrade in
as little as a few weeks /months to completely un-readable / un-playable disc’s. The Liteon 811S
is way past its prime and is probably ready to give up the ghost anyway and with the low prices
of todays newer / faster drives and faster / better media it only makes sense to get a newer drive.