Lite on 811S No LONGER SEES CDR's (3 months old) HELP

I have the latest firmware and have tired all kinds of BLANK CDR’s and NONE of them are recognized by the LITE ON DRIVE.

I purchased from NEW EGG.

Anyone know what’s going on??

Tried it in slave mode, changed the cable, made sure there where no conflicts (win XP PRo).


PS, it won’t see CDR’s (blank) in either windows (My Computer) or in NERO when I try to burn it says to PLEASE INSERT BLANK CD and ejects the blank CDR.


Did you install sonic MYDVD?

I just recently installed Sonic’s Recordnow DX from the supplied CD and now my DVDR drive won’t see a damn thing :a

well thanks, but that wasn’t too helpful.

Anyone else?!?!

I keep getting, INSERT BLANK media and I HAVE INSERTED blank media!!!

The reason I said that, was because the 811 drives came with Sonic MyDVD bundled, so it would make sense that you installed whatever came with it, even if just just out of curiosity.

Do you have ANYDVD installed/Active? Try disabling it temporarily while you burn.

Are the CDR media from different manufacturers, not to be confused with marketted companys? Perhaps those media you have bought are just very bad discs?
Are DVDR media recognised?

May be you need to select CD instead of DVD in your Media window from Nero. Check your Media type in Nero to see if CD is selected.

debro, just curious about what you said about anydvd. Does it have a history of causing conflicts? I let it run all the time, but haven’t noticed any problem.

retroz, take a look at this article in Microsoft online support and see if it helps Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 324129
Look under the heading “Hardware Device and Device Driver Compatibility”

Dunno about everyone else, but I’ve had a few instances where I’ve had anyDVD activated, used a few pressed DVD’s, then decided to burn a DVD or two.
Each time it either hung the computer, or paused it for a long time :confused: and then nero didn’t recognise the DVDR until I disabled Anydvd.

I had the same problem with my 811S. It did only read/write DVD’s.
It couldn’t read/write to CD’s. Even not original CD’s ;(
I brought it back to the store where I bought it and they had send it to LiteON.
After 3 weeks I got a new 811S :slight_smile: