Lite On 811s HS0K + RITEKF1

I have some Dynext RitekF1 media ID DVD-R’s and know if anyone knows the best write strategy to use with these. I tried G05 and g04 and my average pi and pif were crazy. please help

You got RITEKF1?! :eek: Didn’t know those were in general availability already. May I ask why you’re using 16x -R media on a drive rated for 4x -R? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to guess that the “F” means that they’ve moved on to a new dye type, and that would be why G04 and G05 won’t work so well on it. If that’s the case, then, unfortunately, I have no idea what strat would work for it. And seeing as how this disc type is extremely new, I would guess that not many other people have tried stuff with it.

Or it could just be that the disc is a piece of junk–I read about some early tests of the RITEKF1 on 16x drives like the NEC 3520 and BenQ 1640–all showed pretty bad results. This is Ritek, after all… :rolleyes:

that is awful, if anyone does see some good results please let me know!