Lite-On 811S DVD-R 8X and Dual Layer Support

From what I’ve been reading regarding the type of hardware inside the 811S, this drive is capable of doing DVD-R burns at 8X and Dual Layer burning but needs the necessary firmware to do so. Has anyone done or is anyone working on firmware to make this possible?


The current consensus is that 811/851 hardware is certainly capable of 8x DVD-R burns, but without help from Lite-On, the firmware capable of unlocking this capability is too complex to create from scratch. There is a “Polish mod” floating around that does not work for everyone. Team Zebra (who made the 4_1@8_1 mod i believe) took a look at the problem but have not yet been able to get anything working.

As far as dual-layer goes, first someone would have to figure out the 8x DVD-R problem (which would probably make use of official 812 firmware). Then an 812@832 mod would have to be written. Seeing as how not many people have access to dual-layer burners and media, this 812@832 project may take some time to get working if it can be done at all. For an 811/851 owner, the hardware differences may just be too great for dual layer burning to work even if 851@812 and 812@832 mods can be created independently.

See the sticky at the top of the Lite-On forum for more info.

Actually, it appears that EEPROM mods to allow 812 owners to use 832 firmware already exist. Sorry, I’m an 851 owner myself and don’t always follow other Lite-On news. Now all we need is 8_1@812.