Lite-on 811s can't read blank DVDs

I recently purchased a Lite-on 811s DVD burner and a spindle of Ridata G04 DVD-R discs. Reviews from different sites including this one were able to burn with this disc without any problems.

My problem is that when I stick a blank DVD in, the computer does not recognize it. The green LED blinks for a while (~30 seconds) with the DVD spinning up/down and finally stops. Blinks 3 times in succession and again 3 times in sucession. Nero says insert another disc.

The interesting thing is that if I eject/reinsert the disc a LOT of times (20+ sometimes), it eventually is able to read and I am able to burn a disc without any problems. I’m using firmware version: HS0P and have tried HS0K and HS0E with the same issue.

When people talk about bad media, is this one of the symptoms?

Is this a drive related issue, a media related, or a combination of both?

I plan on getting some DVD+R 8x discs soon to see results from that. Any ideas? Thanks.


See if this helps, I know it is for CDs not DVDs but see if it helps anyway.