Lite-On 552246S 52x24x52

Can anyone tell me please if this CD Burner supports the 800mb cds for have tried to write cds with 800mb and keep getting an message telling me - There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this medium - when i try and burn more than 700mb.

Have I got an software problem, hardware or doesnt it support new larger blank cds?

I have allready downloaded latest version of nero installed the latest filmware for this cd burner and im using Windows Xp Home Edition.

In Nero, go to file - preferences - expert and set your overburn limit.

Have allready set the overburn to 90 mins (800mb) on the preferences/expert section

Have you tried clicking through the warning and burning?

make sure u’re also choosing No Multisession when u start a new compilation and Finalize the cd when u burn it.