Lite on 52x32x52

there is a lite on 52x32x52 in promotion in a local store ( 39 € )
i got a few questions before i remove my plextor ( 24x10x40 )

  • can it read copy protection cd’s ?
  • can it run clone cd and alcohol 120 % ?
  • can it write 48x blanc cd’s ?

now , i had to do a firmware upgrade to my plextor before i could read ( easy and fast ) good copy protected cd’s. do i have to do it whit this lite-on to or will it run whitout it ? ( no problem to do a frimware upgrade but i just wonder )

thanks in advance

1)I have a 52327S, it kills most software protections.

2)Yep… make sure you have the latest versions of the software.

  1. Of course… depending on the quality of the discs, Smart Burn might lower the speed of the burn though.

This is a very good drive. The first (i think) and still one of the few to offer 32x RW speed. It can easily match to any other drives protected cd readability. The newest drives almost support all the copy protections. However when it comes to duplication, the important area is the config of software (Alcohol / CloneCD).