Lite-on 52x327S @ EZ Creator 6

I have a freshly formatted WinXP install, and 3 burners, a TDK 48x, a Sony DVD 500A, and my new Lite-On 52x327S. When I fire up EZ Creator 6 rattles and shakes, then freezes. If I unplug the Lite-on, everything iworks fine. If I make the Lite-on the only burner,and unplug the others the same problem occurs. The drive shows on the Roxio web site as compatible. The Lite-on does work with other burning software. Any ideas?

what exactly do u mean by “rattles and shakes”? u need to actually describe ur problems in detail so that others have an idea about what’s going on.

I mean the menu’s above in the software all shake, so if I click on a drive to pick a file to burn and I don’t do it quickly enough it will pop out and I’ll have to try again. And then when I do, the whole program, but not the system will freeze.