Lite-On 52X24X52

I want to replace my Mitsumi one sheep CDRW with a Lite-On 52X24X52 two sheep CDRW so I can back up safedisc 2 protected games. I would prefer a black one to match my PC but all the black ones on ebay are OEM not retail. My question is are the OEM drives the same as the retail versions of the same drive? Or should I get the retail model? is your friend.

OEM and Retail version are identical less the box.

Thats good news. The black one was a LTR - 52246S and I wasn’t sure about the others. Are all Lite-On 52X24X52’s LTR - 52246S or are there other models?

52327S is the newest Lite-On model. Comes in beige OEM and Retail, black OEM. The black OEM seems kinda buggy. One of our cdfreaks has exchanged the black OEM for the beige Retail for further testing

And yes, all 52246S are 52x24x52.

Thank you, I’ll be sure to get the 6s and not the 7s.