Lite On 52x24x52 for $49 (after rebates)

The new Lite On 52x24x52 for only $69 and after rebates $49. Today I bought a new cd-writer for a friend who was interested in a cd writer only to backup data. I went to COMPUSA (Arlington, VA) and bought a BUSLINK Cd writer 52x24x52 (the cheapest driver in store) and went to his home to install it. When I discovered that the drive is a Lite On drive. I went back to the store and bought another one fr myself now.

The CD writer is Lite ON LTR 52246S (52x24x52).

The rebate is only available until the 7 of December.:smiley:

funny they have a 52x12x52 for the same price on the website with the rebate etc NOT a 52x24x52 this spec is repeated in a few more places for it including the rebate form … what is weird is that a search of the buslink site shows nos uch drive … just the rebadged lite-on 52x24x52 drive wass up wit’ dat ?? kinda threw me was seriously considering ordering it as the retail is 76 bux at newegg currently for the lite-on

You right about the website, I’ve checked on their website and in fact it should be a 52x12x52. I’ve reconfirmed and my drive is a 52x24x54, so my advice is that you go to a store and check the product for your self.

Micro Center has the a better deal. $79 -10 instant and -30 mailin=$39. The model number on the drive is indeed LTR52246S:bigsmile: