Lite-on 52x24 & eProformance ProDisc problems

Hey guys,

This is my second lite-on drive that I’m having problems with although I doubt it’s the drive this time.

If I burn past 78:00 on my 80 minute ProDiscs at 24x I get a number of damaged sectors at the end of the disc.

If I do it at 40X I get unreadable sectors at the end,like the last 2-5%. This is weird because I used to burn ProDisc media at 40X without a problem.

I’ve burned the same images on Fuji (Taiyo Yuden) Media with no errors on the discs at all. I do have the latest firmware the F version.

Would it be safe to say that somehow ProDisc has a bad batch of discs which have problems at the end? This is really upsetting because they are known to be higher quality and in the past they have been great for me. I guess the fact that Taiyo Yuden media works fine with the same image and the same speed means this is not a hardware problem and must be the ProDisc discs?

Also will 1-2% of damaged sectors have an impact on the disc’s long-term readability and the ability for non-computer optical devices to read them (eg. PS2)?

Any input would be appreciated.

I’ve also had problems with Prodisc (Memorex) on my 52246S. They seem like a bad manufacturer now. This was the first time I used Prodisc, and I probably won’t use their discs again.

Prodisc makes ~ media (varying quality ;)) so it’s likely you got a bad batch (in Europe all prodiscs are crap :().
1-2% bad sectors is 1-2% bad sectors. You should always strive after 0% bad sectors :). The discs may (if you’re lucky) hold, or they may become unreadable. The PS2 laser is rumured to be picky so if it’s anything but audio you can run into trouble there.

Can you post a KProbe C1/C2 scan?

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Thanks for your responses. I’ll try to do the kprobe scan soon.

Do you think Ritek is any good? I can get some cheap Ritek media and I’m so sick of ProDisc now. I don’t want to worry about my data anymore and I just want something that will be error free.

My TDK-branded RiTEK 48x haven’t let me down, extremely low C1 error rates at 52x, no C2 errors (of course).

These manufacturers seems to be good with Lite-On 48/52X writers:

-Moser baer india
-Taiyo yuden
-TDK (those manufactured by TDK in Europe)
-Fujifilm (Those manufactured by fujifilm in germany)

And probably some others…

Here is some that I would stay away from (due to varying quality):

-CMC Magnetics
-Plasmon (a lot of manufacturers use their machinery without changing the ID string so you may get good quality discs).
-Multimedia masters & machinery SA (a lot of manufacturers use their machinery without changing the ID string so you may get good quality discs).

Verbatim 97 34 21 and 22 don’t work well on LiteOns, but 97 34 23 usually work.

I have a Lite-on 48x12x48 and when i burn at a slower speed 4x both on a CD-R and CD-RW it causes a UNREADABLE sectors at the end. This problem exist on my Smartbuy (ProDisc) CD-R 40x, Smartbuy (ProDisc) CD-RW 40x, Benq(Acer) Vinyl CD 40x, Mitsubishi Chemical Blue Platinum CD-R and Ritek 40x.
Im running a Win 98 se and DMA is enabled both on my CD-Rom and Hard Disk.

I bought some 52 speed Datawrite (Prodisc) CD’s to use with my 52x Liteon Drive and I have had no problems with them.

Overburned a couple of cd’s and I’ve got absolutely no damaged/unreadable sectors on the disc.

Maybe I just got a good batch.