Lite-ON 52x and Nero Burning ROM



There’s the problem: I’ve updated my firmware to 6S0F, the latest version; I’ve used with no problems Nero 6.0 for about one month, and then suddenly it starts to make problems with overburn.
I use cd-r maxel with available space of 79 and something minutes. Sometimes I can overburn for 3 minutes over the space declared, sometimes the window that declare cd isn’t fit to burn doesn’t give me the option to attempt the overburn, and the total record time is sometimes 78 or 76 minutes: much less than declared total recording time on cd.
It’s impossible that cd are crap, on every one of these medium I could burn over 81 minutes without problems almost one month ago.
Don’t know what the problem is.
It is said Nero 6.0 have bugs on overburn, and the latest firmware for my recorder have some “overburn changes”.
I installed also Nero, and my recorder is not recognized. I put on Nero and my recorder is recognized but the problems above still persist.
I’m using Windows XP.


Problem solved, it seems, with the last stable version known of Nero Burning ROM
Other new version have problems (and heavy I would add) with overburn. Maybe an upgrade is needed …


Nope, problem not solved.