Lite-On 52x and 32x12x40 Lite-On CDRW Conflict

Hope somebody can help me. I have both the above cdrw and a Lite-On 52x cdrom running under XP PRO. I have tried messing around with the slave/master setup of these 2 to get it working but every time I try to burn a disk using clone cd from the reader to the rewriter, the system freezes about 50% into the burn.

Currently have 2 hard disks as the primary master/slave and the 52x as secondary master and the rewriter as secondary slave. I have tried numerous combinations, what am I missing here?

thanks afor any help.


dont know if this will help but you normally cannot have the reader & writer on the same ide chain.
ie my setup is main hdrive prim master.
cd reader prime slave.
cd writer secondary master.

hope this helps


There is absolutely no reason not to have both drives on the same IDE channel. LiteOn usually recommends the RW drive to be master.
Make sure that you have functioning DMA for both drives, and I suggest you do some speed testing on this setup, sounds like maybe a under-run situation?

Well my friend has the same config like you.

2 HDD, 1 CD-ROM & 1 Burner.

His config is as follows & he does on the fly copying with it.


SM - Burner

Try this config

Also enable DMA in Windows & BIOS

thanks a lot you two - will try both in turn…

One of the controllers wasn’t DMA enabled, so I did it and i’ve just burned my first disk on the fly with this setup…

thanks everybody.

Which setup?

yours or mine, which one worked?

yes, yours worked mate…

thanks a million, xp autodetected the cd drive but did not dma it…it was the only device it did not do this to…