Lite-on 5238s slow burning problem



Here we go. I’ve read around but haven’t found an answer for this problem exactly. I bought a lite-on 5238s. Doesn’t matter what program I use, nero, alcohol… every time the burner gets to about 40x speed, it slows to around 21x and slowly creeps up to 30x. By then the cd is finished. Any ideas on why my burner won’t go over 40x?

latest bios for board
latest firmware for burner
udma mode 2
good cable connection (previous burner ok)


40X is about right.


I am having the same issues with a same burner of mine in Alcohol 120% and i write cd’s at 24X mostly so halfway thorugh writing 300 mb supposedly of 600 mb cd it slows down to 16.1X and remains consistently at that speed till the end.I have started having this problem since a week or so on easy media creator 7 the problem isnt visible at all and i am using the latest bios for my mobo,latest firmware for writer and same configuration as you.Just wondering whats the reason for it…:slight_smile:


My previous burner was the 52246s. Worked perfectly!! In January I bought the 5238s. Now I have this problem.


That’s great. I just ordered a 5238. I was hoping zipzoomfly still had the old 52327, but alas, they haven’t responded to my email from 2 days ago. Anyway, I don’t see a real problem with burning at 40x, maybe your media is the bottleneck.


Same bunch of disks. Same bundle I had with my previous burner.


Tell you what. I’ve backed up some of my games just to see if it was possible, and knowing what I know now, I should have saved some money and stuck with my 52246s. Backs up the same things, and writes faster!


I know, it sounds crazy, but no writer is the same. Most are sensitive to one type of media or another. Therefore, what worked in your previous unit may not in the new one. I’m just hoping I get the 52327 when mine ships, because so many people seemed to like it.