Lite-on 5238 Good or So So

I need a new cd burner. I have had good luck with liteon in the past. Anything good or bad about the Lite-on 5238 CD burner? Any other good burners to recommend? I will be ripping & burning, backing up music cd’s, backing up data, etc. I am also considering a Benq 5232 CD RW.

most people recommend the LTR - 52327S. it is one of the best cd-rw drives out there.

There are 2 Versions out there from the 52327S. The older one seems not to be able to backup SD 2.9 and higher (I have Version 1 with newest Firmware and cant backup SD 2.9 and 3.2).
Because some guys out there are able to backup SD 3.2 and others are not.