Lite-On 5235K DVD playback is a slideshow now...anyone know how to fix this?

Hello all!

I’m very glad I found this community. Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I did a search and could not find anything similar to my problem with this drive.

I purchased the 5235K back in January and have so far used it without any problems at all. Today, I attempted to play a DVD on my system, and suddenly the thing is a veritable slideshow. It’ll play and burn music CDs without a problem, and it also plays any and all game DVDs and CDs, but when I attempt to play a movie on DVD, there is no audio at all and the playback skips and I’m just watching a slideshow of various frames go by. I have tested both DVDs that previously played on this drive without a flaw as well as DVDs that I have never played on this drive, all with the same result. For what it’s worth, the video quality is clean…the playback is atrocious, though, and for some reason there is no audio.

I’ve tried cleaning the drive to no avail. I do, however, burn a lot of CDs. Could this have misaligned the laser?

My system:

WinXP Pro, SP2, patched to current
GeForce 5700LX, drivers are current
Chaintech CT-AV710 7.1, drivers are current
AMD XP 2100+ (1.7gig) processor
1 gig ram

Any help would really be appreciated. This is making me crazy. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, and for those of you who celebrate it, Happy Halloween!

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If it’s not the drive at fault (which is the most likely thing) then the only other things it can be is the video driver or the processor overhead. While the disc is playing use < Alt >< Ctrl >< Del > to check the CPU usage and check your drivers for the graphic card are operating correctly also.

Check DMA settings. Remove nForce2 IDE drivers (revert to MS default). But it’s probably a video issue as code said.


Thanks very much for your replies!

I’ve been crazy with work and allergies this weekend but I’m going to try everything suggested here and see if I can get things to play nicely together on my machine. :slight_smile: I too think that it is most likely a hardware issue, but I also suspected a possible video problem. Both of you have confirmed these suspicions so I’m going to be taking a look at that first. I’ve had a couple of other very odd problems with two games in particular revolving around video issues, and have so far been unable to resolve them. My card and/or drivers may be the cause of these DVD issues, as well.

What’s annoying is that there was previously NOTHING wrong with the DVD player on this drive; now suddenly it just won’t play DVDs right at all. I had the graphics card before I had the DVD player. I’m thinking there’s a chance that a recent dodgy driver update may have done something to make things break.

I know they’re temperamental things, but this seems kind of extreme. I dont use the DVD player all that often. The last time I used it at the end of June (before the other day), everything was still working fine. Something had to occur between then and now to make it mad, and so it’s time to go hunting for whatever will appease this gadget, which is clearly having a tantrum of some kind.

I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the suggestions. I’ll post an update after I’m finished experimenting.

Hi again.

Well, I tested, removed, reinstalled, and retested my graphics drivers, checked my DMA settings (which were fine), removed them anyway to be sure and reverted to MS drivers instead, did everything I could think of, all of which had zero effect on this problem.

If anyone else has anything they might think of to try, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, I think I’m just going to head to Fry’s to buy a $20 DVD player to install. :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys!

As I said before, the most likely thing is the drive. Liteon has had some problems with the Sanyo PUH/OPUs. About the only other thing I can suggest is to try the drive in another system, to be sure it’s the drive…


After days of frustration, I vowed that I would find out what was causing those DVD issues of mine or die trying.

Turns out that it wasn’t the DVD player at all; it was a driver issue revolving around my graphics card.

I just want to update this one final time so that perhaps my resolution can help someone else resolve a similar issue. It was crazy aggravating. :slight_smile:

After failing to find a resolution here, I copied a DVD that I knew had previously played successfully several times with this Lite On drive on my system to my hard drive, and tried playing it there. I got the exact same sort of stuttery playback, which told me that it wasn’t the drive at fault at all. I immediately knew that my GeForce 5700LE graphics card…which video card-saavy folks tend to refer to as the “Loser’s Edition” (and now I know why!)…was at fault. I’ve had some moderate trouble with the card here and there, but never was able to hunt down the cause or find a solution.

Since I was able to play DVDs with no problem at all right until right around June (I dont use the drive often for DVD playback), I knew that something had to have occurred between then and now to cause the playback issues I have been experiencing. The only thing it could be was a driver update, or possibly a remote chance of a piece of recently installed software causing a conflict. I am very adamant about keeping the newest possible drivers on my system. I must have deleted and reinstalled these graphics drivers a hundred times trying to resolve this most recent problem!

I went Googling and after a few hours of research and reading I did the following:

  1. Downloaded the newest set of nvidia graphics drivers from the highly recommended site.

  2. Downloaded and installed Driver Cleaner from

  3. Removed all the graphics drivers from my system using the Add/Remove feature in control panel.

  4. Rebooted into safe mode (F8 while rebooting).

  5. Using Driver Cleaner, cleaned up all my cabs and then chose the “nvidia” option from the drop down menu and cleaned up those remnants as well (I suspect the culprit lurked in those files that were removed).

  6. Emptied recycle bin and rebooted to my regular desktop

  7. Installed the Omega drivers.

Most of this is basically following the instructions in the readme file that comes with Driver Cleaner.

I then tested the DVD I had copied to my hard drive and was ecstatic to see that it worked perfectly. Then I tested the DVD in my Lite On drive (same one that I copied to my hard drive), and it too worked flawlessly. Now I can delete that huge DVD file from my hard drive and reclaim that valuable space. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help. I hope that the information I’ve included here helps someone else in return someday.

Take care, everyone! It’s nice to find a community where folks are so helpful. I’m looking forward to reading the forums regularly and learning a lot from everyone here.

That’s great news. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting back with such a detailed solution. Must remember the trick of playing off the hard drive. :wink:

Look forward to seeing you around. :slight_smile:

Omega drivers are awesome, all I use. ATI and nVidia stuff, great people working on those.

Glad you got it worked out.


I had the same slideshow problem with a laptop. The fix was to go into the sound settings from the windows control panel and change the default sound device from a modem to the sound card.

Hope this helps someone else out.