Lite-on 52327S

I just got this drive and decided to update the firmware since the firmware already on it was a few behind. To make a long story short, now I can only read cds at 12x, 8x, or 4x instead of 52x like I’m supossed to. I can write cds at 52x, 48x, etc… I updated the firmware using MTKFLASH in DOS and everthing went fine. I tried flashing it again but I still got the same results. Anyone experianced this? Any help is appreciated thanks.

Sorry, what do you mean by read cds? Did you do a benchmark?
Also, did you try different media?

cds at 12x, 8x, or 4x instead

what does the text on the cd’s itself say (speed wise)??
and are they cd-r or cd-rw??

My guess is that he’s looking at speeds with no media in the drive.

i hate to post multiple but i have a lite-on 52327s and flashed it to qs0c and lost my write speed. i put ANY type of media in and it starts at 52, 48, 40x and half way through drops to 4x. can anyone help? flashing went perfect old firmware this did not happen. read speed is perfect

athlon 2500+, 700 ram, win 98se


then flash it back…you can do that…and all will be ok