Lite-On 52327S not working in Win98, please help


I bought a the Lite-On 52327S CD-writer this weekend but it does not seem to get recognised as a CD-writer, only a CD-ROM.

I have windows 98, and on the box it says that it is designed for Windows ME/2000/XP and so i have a feeling a might need some sort of driver for it to work in Win-98? (if it works at all in 98)

None of my numerous CD-writing software packages recongise this as a CD-writer, only as a CD-ROM.

Any suggestions, or even where to get appropriate drivers (if that is the problem), would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


Hi and welcome to CD Freaks,
I’ve already tried to answer your question here. Let us know what happens there please.

Just so you know for future reference this type of thing is called crossposting (posting same question twice) and is against forum rules. :cop:

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