Lite-On 52327S CD-writer, PC only sees it as a CD-ROM


I posted a message on a few days back (on the end of someone elses thread, which i now cant find :sad:, where my recently purchased LTR-52327S CD-writer (made in Jan 2004) was not being recognised as a CD-writer, only as a CD-ROM.

Sseth kindly suggested perhaps that it was the APSI not being installed, which i checked last night…

I have checked my PC and the ASPI was already installed (v4.56). I used ForceASPI to update it to v4.60 but it the problem is still the same.

Nero-4 recognises the drive as an ‘image recorder’ but when i ask it for disk-info and a blank CD is inserted, it doesnt give any information at all (not even to say its blank). Nero-Express that comes with the cd-writer is the same, and easy cd-creator does not recognise the drive at all (mind you, it is quite an old version!).

Also, when in Windows Explorer the cd-writer acts fine as a CD-ROM but it does not read most previously burnt CDR’s (both audio and data ones), only proper original CDs. I have heard that this drive sometimes has problems like this, is this true at all please?.

Its all a bit confusing! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Oh sorry i forgot to mention…

I have the cd-writer set as the master on the secondary IDE cable, and a CD-ROM as the slave (the same as i had previously with my old Yamaha cd-writer).

I have DMA ticked, and am using the standard MS drivers for the CD-writer.

I am using Windows98 Operating system too.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Nero4 ?It’s normal then. Nero4 is quite old now.

You should use 5.5 or 6.

Thanks, i will try the latest Nero and see what happens. :iagree:

However, the cd-writer still doesnt read previously burnt CD’s, only original CDs, and so wondering why that is?


After I had my creative 8439E for about 2 years and been thru a whole lot of really crappy discs, it stopped reading burnt discs. I guess its just down to wear and tear.

But i only bought my CD-writer a week ago… :confused:

I think there must be something else up with it.

Im sooo stuck :sad:

Do like thibouille said and upgrade ur nero. When I bought my 40125s, I got nero 5 with it, so I’d imagine u got it too. Even if u didn’t, install one of em and let’s see how it goes.
O yeah, is the burner running on IDE or in an external (usb or firewire) box? I had that problem once in a crappy external box.

I got Nero Express with my CD-writer which i believe is up-to-date and seems to be based on Nero 5.5 or so…

Its an internal one (secondary IDE master).

To start with lets confirm it’s not a hardware issue.
Try it alone on the secondary master to see if the other drive may be conflicting with it. Try a different/new IDE cable. Ensure you are using Master/Slave jumpers and not CS (Cable select).
If possible try the drive in another PC and see if it works fine there. Let us know what happens.

Thanks Sseth, i’ll do that.

I dont have any spare IDE cables but i will swap the primry and secondary IDE cables over and see what happens.

The cd-writer writer is currently set as master, and the CD-ROM is set as slave.

If it doesnt work on my Win98 machine then i’ll give it a go on my parents machine tommorow as its WinXP.

Will check it out and get back to you.

Cheers very much,

Problem solved :bigsmile:

I checked the cables but it was still the same. When i tried it on my parents XP machine it worked fine, but they had the latest Nero6.

So i installed it on my machine and it recognises the drive! Woo hoo. Its still a bit odd that the drive doesnt read some older burnt CDRs in Windows Explorer but guess i’ll just have to live with that…

Anyways, thanks for you help it was much appreciated.