Lite On 52246S Offsets for EAC

I know the Lite On 52246S (52x24x52x) has comined read/write offsets of 0, however, I am trying to find out what the separate read and write offsets are. I once read somewhere that it was +6 and -6, however, I’m not sure which was the read or which one was the write. For that matter, I’m not even sure if that source was accurate. Anyone know the offsets for this drive?

Got an answer in an EAC message board by someone who created a test disc and calculated the offsets. For those interested, they are as follows:

+6 Read
-6 Write
0 Read/Write Combined

did he create the offset disc with the -6 offset though?

i dont have a 52246s, but for most liteons it has been +12 read / -6 write which is +6 combined.

I’m not sure. I will try and find out. But I had read in several forums that the combined offsets for this drive were 0. That’s why I didn’t even question it.