Lite-On 52246s firmware question

All right, I have a Litey 52246S drive with 6SOD firmware, and I looked on their website and they have a 6SOF firmware available. It says it strengthens the overburn function of the drive. I am wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to the newer firmware? I don’t seem to be having any problems with my drive right now, and that is why I am kind of hesitant of upgrading the firmware.

Another question that I want to ask is what the difference between the LTR-52327S and LTR-52246S in their ablility to copy cd protections.
On lite-on’s website, i saw:
R52QS0C Enhances readability of Sub-Channel data
Does this mean that it is better at reading subchannels than my 52246s burner? In otherwords, would it be worth my money to upgrade to the newer litey burner?

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here is the review of the ltr52246 by OC FREAK

it should answer your questions about the capabilites of the drive. i have 2 and they both do everything i need.

I know about the capabilities of the 52246s, but I am wondering if the 52327s is any better than the 52246s, since I already have the 52246s and I am doing fine with it. I read the review and the litey is only a 2sheep, and not a 3sheep burner. I am wondering if that changed with the 52327s.

Oh and I am also wondering if I should upgrade my firmware from 6SOD to 6SOF?

From what I heard the 6S0D is more compatible with media than 6SOF.

I am using the 6SOF with no problems. I don’t know of any compatibility problems with media using the 6SOF.

Can’t answer your questions about the newer Litey CDRW except that I haven’t read about any significant differences that would have had me go and replace the drive I have (52246s) with the newer drive. The only advantage I see, now, is that the newer drive is still getting firmware updates while the 52246s is dead-ended. As long as it copies everything you need it to, I don’t see why you should bother upgrading to another CDRW, perhaps adding a DVD/RW drive (as long as you have the expansion to keep the CDRW drive too) would be a better choice, IMHO.

i guess i noticed no changes in compatibility but some of the crappy media was recorded at a lower speed (32x) where before it had burned at 52x.

I am also using frimware 6SOF with my lite-one 52246S without any trouble at all. I have been using this drive for almost a 1 1/2 year and yet to face any serious problem with.

I do remember trying out 6S0F myself last year and some 40X media that used to burn happily at 52X speed reverted back to 40X. Once I went back to 6S0D is was OK at 52x.

Since then though I’ve upgraded to 6S0F as I don’t have the same problem as my media has changed.

I never had any media compatibility issues with the 52246S- it burned every disc I threw at it. Some discs, when burnt at 52x, I had some digital clicks in them. I use firmware 6SOF, but I noticed no difference from the previous firmware.

I also own the 5237S drive. In general it’s quieter. It has burned more reliably, although I have not pushed the 40x speed. I would not upgrade if the 52246S is working well.

k, thanks for all of your input. I will use my current litey until it breaks :D.

The 6S0F has been there for over a year and is the best.
Pls use the search feature to find all those, a year old discussions and answers.
Btw, you can also study the CD-RW Media Tests to learn more about it.

Do you know what the overburning function means ?
How is this drive capabilty important for you ?